• Definitions & Goals
  • The Garment
  • Guiding Rules of Conduct
  • The Value of Etiquette
  • Organizational Skills – Methods for Productivity
  • Child Rearing – Saving Our Youth
  • Culinary Improvements – Preparing Healthy and cost effective meals
  • Sewing – Professional techniques for sewing and fashion design
  • Relationships – Insight on maintaining Healthy Relationships


Islam is Peace. It is not a religion, but a way of life in which if you submit your will to do the will of Allah (God), you will be blessed with peace.

It’s a form of modesty and queenship. It promotes respect towards her mind, rather than lust towards her body (Holy Quran Surah 7:26-27). Where there is a naked or half dressed woman, there is a lack of civilization. A Civilized Society is not determined by the condition of the man, but by the condition of the woman. And a Nation can rise no higher than its woman.

No. The veil is not required by Allah (God) in the Holy Quran for the women. We recognize the veil as a cultural attire.

A Muslim is one who practices Islam. In other words, one who submits his will to do the will of Allah (God).

No. They are inspired to walk beside the man. We work as a team for the resurrection and liberation of our people. Women in the N.O.I. are held at the highest esteem and encouraged to increase their education and inspire to be the best Muslim they can be.

Yes. Muslims believe in Jesus so much that we strive to be as obedient to Allah (God) as he was. Muslims pray to the Father…Allah (God), as Jesus did and instructed all to do (Matthew 6:9-13).

No, They Are Not. The women are to be Respected and Protected.

No, instead they follow the verse in the Holy Quran…’One is best if they but knew’.